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Domaine de l'Abbaye de Maizières :
a living lab for sustainable development based on a charter of commitments.


The Maizières Abbey estate with its Abbatial Palace and its Castle is at the heart of a 750 hectare property which dates back to the creation of the Maizières Abbey, “granddaughter of the Cîteaux Abbey », in the 12th century.

Granddaughter of Cîteaux: 750 hectares in the heart of Burgundy for your receptions and prestigious stays


The Maizières estate with its Abbatial Palace and its Castle is at the heart of a 750 hectare property which dates back to the creation of the Maizières Abbey, “granddaughter of the Cîteaux Abbey”, in the 12th century. If wood was until recently the sole resource of successive owners, it cannot be the same today, at a time when sustainable development legitimately takes precedence over all other considerations.


This is why we are developing a biodynamic farm on 20 hectares of mixed farming, subtly mixing crops, orchards, market gardening, livestock and vines in order to achieve food self-sufficiency. Demonstrate that without inputs or pesticides it is possible to feed 100 to 150 people with our agricultural production while respecting our environment and the people working there. Combining healthy eating, biodynamic agriculture, circular economy, atypical and luxurious accommodation, the Domaine de l’Abbaye de Maizières offers you a unique experience for all your events and receptions.

Maizières: An exceptional living laboratory 10 km from Beaune


The Domaine de l’Abbaye de Maizières aims to be a living laboratory for sustainable development based on an exemplary charter of commitments. This charter of 10 commitments integrates economic, environmental and societal requirements as well as values of communion with nature and life in the wild, sharing with the human community. Didn’t Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, reformer of the Cistercian order, say: “You will learn in the shade of the trees what you cannot learn in books”?


Economic commitments of the Domaine de l’Abbaye de Maizières


  • Exploit the 650 ha forest area with recognition of the PEFC label and innovative silviculture.
  • Develop an innovative and unique tourism and events project.
  • Operate a 20 ha biodynamic farm: livestock, crops, market gardening, orchard, vines, beehives while integrating the precepts of permaculture.
  • Promote job creation for the benefit of local stakeholders and develop training stays dedicated to younger generations in all professions in the field.

Environmental commitments of the Domaine de l’Abbaye de Maizières


  • Carry out scientific monitoring of the forest, pond, fauna and flora in conjunction with specialized associations (Choue, Shna, Aosml, Ssnmcs, Epob, etc.) in order to guarantee management that respects biodiversity across the entire domain ecosystem.
  • Guarantee an eco-responsible project across the entire estate: production of 40% renewable energy, natural sanitation systems, waste recycling, unusual low-carbon accommodation.

Societal commitments of the Domaine de l’Abbaye de Maizières


  • Develop an ecotourism and educational activity linked to natural environments and biodynamic agriculture. Dedicated routes and specific activities for different audiences.
  • Carry out annual unifying events bringing together local stakeholders and members of the Maizières Abbey community (Fishing of the Pond, Harvest, participatory harvest, Saint Francis Festivities, etc.)
  • Ensure healthy, self-sufficient food on the estate for all visitors and customers with menus adapted to our production and the seasons.
  • Promote a reference project based on the history of Maizières Abbey, monastic economy and spiritual values leading to a harmonious communion between nature and people.

To date, our environmental commitment is reflected in very concrete exemplary actions and achievements:


  • All of the buildings and installations on the Abbey estate are connected by an underground heat network powered by a wood boiler room powered by wood chips extracted from the Abbey forest a few km from the site.</li >
  • All the buildings and installations are connected by a sanitation network which results in an imposing, completely natural installation composed of horizontal and vertical bio filters allowing very high quality discharge into the river arm.
  • All of the gardens and green spaces of the abbey are watered by an irrigation network directly connected to the various existing wells and which are supplied by the groundwater and the recovery of rainwater.
  • A photovoltaic installation (120 m² mobile tracker) provides renewable energy representing approximately 20% of the site's electricity consumption.
  • Selective waste management and their centralization in a single space with specific containers allows the recovery of different materials (glass, cardboard, etc.).
  • All of the gardens are mulched with mulch from the estate's forest to allow controlled weed management, soil protection and enrichment of the soil. A compost space has been created to recover all the grass clippings and leaves from the estate.
  • The various car parks and spaces between the buildings have been developed while maintaining the permeability of the soil and favoring the planting of shrub and hedgerows to improve biodiversity and hide the view of vehicles.
  • The operating teams (Green spaces and Building maintenance, cleaning and maintenance, tourist visits) use electric vehicles.

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