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Maizières Abbey Estate
A unique stay in the Burgundy Region


Welcome to Maizières Abbey Estate, in the heart of Burgundy, a region of terroirs and history!

The Maizières Abbey: Bringing man and nature together in a unique estate in the Burgundy region.


We discovered this estate by chance and when we first walked through it, we felt a strong emotion that gave rise to an evidence, an utopia and a challenge: we needed to restore, rebuild, re-enchant it and shape an emblematic project that would offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy this historical, natural and spiritual heritage that dates back to the 12th century. That is how our history began with the Domaine de l'Abbaye de Maizières.

For the past ten years, we have brought together the main components of this exceptional estate, which have been scattered over the centuries, especially since the French Revolution: the Maizières Forest and its pond, the Hamlet of 40 Arpents, the Gouttières Farm, the Abbey Palace and the Maizières Castle. At the dawn of the 21st century, our aim is to assert a real ecological, economic, cultural and spiritual ambition.

The Maizières Abbey, 900 years of history


Maizières Abbey was established in the 12th century near the small parish of Sanctus Lupus (Saint-Loup-de-la-Salle). It was a daughter-house of La Ferté Abbey (which was itself the first daughter-house of Cîteaux Abbey), and played an important spiritual and economic role in the Chalonnais and Beaune region for nearly seven centuries (666 years, from 1125 to 1791). Its history is certainly in line with the evolution of the Cistercian movement but with particularities that are specific to the province and to the personalities of its abbots, priors and priests.

Although there were only about ten monks in the Maizières Abbey (rarely more than twenty with the lay brothers), they were able to create a large, early diversified estate with hundreds of hectares of woodland, fields reclaimed from the forest, fish ponds, numerous water mills, irrigated pastures and vineyards where the greatest wines of the Burgundy region – the Beaune, the Chassagne and the Pommard wines – were created.

Over the centuries, they managed to preserve this heritage in spite of adversity: lean times, devastating wars, pillaging and vandalism by soldiers, but also the greed of their own commendatory abbots from the 14th century onwards. Through their perseverance and courage, the monks succeeded in rehabilitating and rebuilding their heritage and their outbuildings. In 1717 the abbey was one of the most beautiful of the Cistercian movement. Their tenacity, their perseverance and their faith command admiration. This expansion came to an end during the French Revolution when the Constituent Assembly seized the estate, regarding it as national property, and sold its outbuildings to multiple owners on April 7, 1791.

A unique stay in a historical site of national and international renown


With this heritage in mind, we have created a comprehensive experience combining a peaceful stay in harmony with nature in one of our historical mansions or an unusual lodge with unforgettable moments that will awaken your senses, body and mind. Just imagine the delight of soothing walks under the trees and by the waters of this multi centenary estate. We also offer a wide range of educational activities involving wildlife, many outdoor activities (fishing, archery, hiking and horse riding) and fresh food produced right here on our biodynamic farm.


Learn more about the history of the Maizières Abbey estate


Learn more about the history of the Maizières Abbey wine estate

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